Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Buy Magic Jack Plus - Cheap Price

This revolutionary telecommunication device is easy to use and you can buy magic jack at cheap price

Besides, it functions with all the standard phones. You don’t require any kind of installation of the software. This advanced product overcomes the shortcomings of its predecessor and is a revolutionary product. With the high voice quality, the product is sure to gain a lot of prominence among the people and is sure to give a close competition to other products. The major benefits associated with the Magic Jack Plus even includes competitive pricing, low cost delivery and service charges, larger user base, as well as proper customer care facilities.

Magic Jack Plus device costs $69.95, and this cost includes free service for one year. The renewal cost per year is only $29.95 per year. The users can also choose to retain their existing telephone numbers by paying an additional amount of $19.99. The company also provides an opportunity to make extra savings by renewing the service for five years spending only $99.95.

Buy magic jack now and send it to your relatives in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand so they can make unlimited calls to US and Canada!

Magic Jack Plus - Complete New Features

With the recent release of the new magic jack plus, here is the list of its new added features.

The new Magic Jack Plus is the advanced version of the highly popular cheap calling device Magic Jack. The previous version was highly popular amongst the consumers. However, the device had two staggering issues which limited its progress beyond a certain point. The original Magic Jack device could not work without a computer. It was actually quite impractical to keep a computer on for twenty four hours a day in order to receive uninterrupted call service.

1. Needs NO Computers
The new Magic Jack Plus is a much advanced device which works without any computer. This small rectangular device only needs to be connected to an Ethernet port through a modem or router to make unlimited free calls to any American or Canadian number.

2. Better Perception and Quality
The previous version also had call reception related issues because it was totally dependent on the performance and speed of the computer.

3. New HD voice and Echo Control
These two enhancements have made the device a serious contender to challenge the existence of regular landline service providers. Most importantly, these improved features have not made it too expensive in comparison to the earlier version.

4. Faster to Install
Many customers had complained that the previous version was too cumbersome to use, and the set up process was not very user friendly. These difficulties were mostly because it was necessary to use the device along with a computer. The elimination of the computer has made Magic Jack Plus much easier to install and use.

5. Easy to Hook Up
The device can now be hooked up to directly to the modems and routers.

6. Connect with iPods, iPads, and iPhones
There were much more in store for the customers later in September. Magic Jack Plus was made compatible with iPods, iPads, and iPhones, thanks to the iOS application of Magic Jack Plus. The application is based on the 3G technology and does not require any calling minutes.

Now, those were better customer centered upgrades, great move for the new magic jack!

Magic Jack PLUS - Review

The company recently introduced new service called Magic Jack Plus. Powered by the powerful Magic Jack technology, the feature-rich Plus adapter will offer some of the lowest voice-over IP calling rates in the industry. Designed especially for homeowners and business travelers, VoIP Plus Adapter, according to the company, will offer best portability and convenience for placing international calls. This new component of Magic Jack service has been designed to enable customers communicate over seas at a low cost.

Here are the Full Features of Magic Jack Plus!

No Computer Required

Magic Jack Plus just doesn’t work via USB port; in fact it works independent of a computer via any router or a modem.With the elimination of a computer, the Magic Jack Plus is expected to work impeccably just like your normal home phone works. Now you just don’t have to let your computer switched on all the times. Besides, you don’t even have to move the telephone to keep it near the computer. It is simply effortless and hassle free.

Better Quality

You are going to enjoy this experience for sure. There is a major difference in the Magic Jack and its successor is that the previous one had some serious quality issues. But be happy, there were big upgrades to answer the issues. And finally the concern has been sort out by adding two features that include HD Voice as well as Echo Control. These additional updates have made Magic Jack Plus a popular product. Besides, the firm has even claimed that the additions are sure to enhance the quality for good.

Portability- So that You Can Easily Carry It Anywhere With You

Magic Jack Plus allows you to take experience portability and take the home phone wherever and wherever you go. You just require the device, Wi-Fi, a router/Ethernet, as well as a telephone. This ways, you can carry it along anywhere and everywhere you go that too without any hassle.

Free International Call to Canada and the U.S.

Don’t worry about the high call charges as you can take it even with you when you are travelling. Wherever or in whichever part of the world you are, you can make free of cost calls to Canada and U.S. for sure. You can even buy one for someone who has been living overseas and you are in close touch to him/her. This can help you make free calls in a hassle free manner.

Affordability at Very Low Price

At a low price, you can get hands on this attractive deal that also comes with one year of service. And if you need future service as well then you need to pay an additional charge of $30. Isn’t the initial cost of service less? It definitely is. There is just no competition to the product as far as its price is concerned.

Buy your new Magick Jack Plus Now!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Magic Jack Outside US and Canada

So what if you are not from Canada or the US and you still want to make Free Unlimited Calls?

Remember, you only need one Magic Jack to receive calls in North America from anywhere else in the World. So if you are receiving calls from the Philippines you only need the one Magic Jack installed in the Philippines. However, calling outbound from the U.S. or Canada changes things. To make free outbound calls from North America to the Philippines you will both need a Magic Jack. So either way you decide to do it (1 or 2 Magic Jacks) it is still an unbelievable price for unlimited overseas calls.

For those not living in North America you can still take advantage of Magic Jack.  Lets say you live in Australia and want to call someone in the Philippines.  You will need two Magic Jacks. Just remember if there is no North American connection you will always need two Magic Jacks to communicate.


Magic Jack for Relatives in the Philippines

If you are an OFW or has a relative living in the Philippines and you want to buy them a Magic Jack read this post first to have some helpful insights.

Magic Jack has hit the Philippines in a big way. There are many people in North America taking advantage of this low cost device to stay in contact with loved ones in the Philippines. The Magic Jack is usually purchased in the U.S. Or Canada and then shipped to the Philippines. Once the device is installed on a computer in the Philippines the person using it can make unlimited calls to North America. While the Magic Jack website states that the device does not work on dial up, Filipinos seem to be finding ways to make it work.  However, reports I have received say that the Magic jack performs much better onDSL speed. One thing I know for sure is this device is going to put a major squeeze on some major phone companies like Vonage. They cannot possibly compete with Magic Jack when it comes to price.

If you want to use Magic jack internationally you must pay a fee per minute. For the Philippines it is 18 cents per minute. But you can also buy another Magic Jack and send it to the persons you are calling there, if there are regular calls. After they install it, the callings will be free, as they are considered national callings. But it does makes sense only if you call frequently.

In closing I would make one suggestion. If you are going to buy a Magic Jack I would think twice before buying in in the Philippines unless it is a reputable dealer. This does not include guys selling them on Ebay or in the newspaper. I know the tempation is to save on shipping costs to the Philippines but being cheap is not always the answer. If you buy it from a reputable dealer, or the Magic Jack website you will at least have some recourse if the device does not function properly.  If you buy one off the street in Manila good luck getting a refund.
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